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Alcorn, J.L. (1996) Cochliobolus heliconiae sp nov (Ascomycota). Australian Systematic Botany, 9 (5). pp. 813-817.

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Conference or Workshop Item

Hasker, P.J.S., Holroyd, R.G. and Doogan, V.J. (1996) Comparison of growth rates of relocated and local steers. In: Animal Production in Australia: The Australian Society of Animal Production. Twenty First Biennial Conference., 8 - 12 July, University of Queensland. Brisbane.

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Hall, W. B. (1996) Near - Real Time Financial Assessment of the Queensland Wool Industry on a Regional Basis. PhD thesis, University of Queensland..

Johnston, P. W. (1996) Grazing Capacity of Native Pastures in the Mulga Lands of South-Western Queensland: A Modelling Approach. PhD thesis, University of Queensland., 208 pages.

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