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Evaluation of electrophoretic immunoblotting for the detection of antibodies against the bovine leukosis virus in cattle

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Kittelberger, R., Laybourn, B. J., Diack, D. S., Penrose, M. E., Reichel, M. P., Motha, J., Molloy, J. B. and Merza, M. (1996) Evaluation of electrophoretic immunoblotting for the detection of antibodies against the bovine leukosis virus in cattle. Journal of Virological Methods, 61 (1-2). pp. 7-22. ISSN 0166-0934

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Article Link: https://doi.org/10.1016/0166-0934(96)02065-4


Six antigen preparations of bovine leukemia virus, including affinity-purified glycoprotein gp51, gradient-purified fetal lamb kidney-bovine leukemia virus antigen, and four crude antigens, were used in combination with several groups of cattle sera, for the evaluation of electrophoretic immunoblotting as a serological test method. Sera (89) from cattle naturally-infected with bovine leukosis virus, a panel of reference sera from infected and uninfected cattle (18), and serial bleedings from experimentally-infected cows (4) were used. Major differences between the six antigen preparations were observed in their reactivity with the various sera. The immunological variabilities of these antigens were confirmed further by their reactions with a gp51-specific monoclonal antibody. The known immunodominant gp51 failed as a reliable indicator for the serological status of the sera in blots when compared to the results on the same sera, two gp51-specific ELISAs and the agar gel immunodiffusion test were used as reference tests. There was a lack of staining of gp51 antigen by many sera, probably due to the labile nature of the gp51 molecule. On the other hand, non-specific staining in the gp51 region appeared with high frequency in some antigens. Antibody staining of the internal viral protein p24 correlated well with the results of the three reference tests. Other bands stained infrequently and were of no diagnostic value.

Item Type:Article
Keywords:Enzootic bovine leukosis; Bovine leukemia virus; Immunoblotting; gp51; p24
Subjects:Veterinary medicine > Veterinary virology
Veterinary medicine > Veterinary pathology
Veterinary medicine > Diseases of special classes of animals > Cattle
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