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Postler, Thomas S. and Clawson, Anna N. and Amarasinghe, Gaya K. and Basler, Christopher F. and Bavari, Sina and Benkő, Mária and Blasdell, Kim R. and Briese, Thomas and Buchmeier, Michael J. and Bukreyev, Alexander and Calisher, Charles H. and Chandran, Kartik and Charrel, Rémi and Clegg, Christopher S. and Collins, Peter L. and de la Torre, Juan Carlos and DeRisi, Joseph L. and Dietzgen, Ralf G. and Dolnik, Olga and Dürrwald, Ralf and Dye, John M. and Easton, Andrew J. and Emonet, Sébastian and Formenty, Pierre and Fouchier, Ron A. M. and Ghedin, Elodie and Gonzalez, Jean-Paul and Harrach, Balázs and Hewson, Roger and Horie, Masayuki and Jiāng, Dàohóng and Kobinger, Gary and Kondo, Hideki and Kropinski, Andrew M. and Krupovic, Mart and Kurath, Gael and Lamb, Robert A. and Leroy, Eric M. and Lukashevich, Igor S. and Maisner, Andrea and Mushegian, Arcady R. and Netesov, Sergey V. and Nowotny, Norbert and Patterson, Jean L. and Payne, Susan L. and Paweska, Janusz T. and Peters, Clarence J. and Radoshitzky, Sheli R. and Rima, Bertus K. and Romanowski, Victor and Rubbenstroth, Dennis and Sabanadzovic, Sead and Sanfaçon, Hélène and Salvato, Maria S. and Schwemmle, Martin and Smither, Sophie J. and Stenglein, Mark D. and Stone, David M. and Takada, Ayato and Tesh, Robert B. and Tomonaga, Keizo and Tordo, Noël and Towner, Jonathan S. and Vasilakis, Nikos and Volchkov, Viktor E. and Wahl-Jensen, Victoria and Walker, Peter J. and Wang, Lin-Fa and Varsani, Arvind and Whitfield, Anna E. and Zerbini, F. Murilo and Kuhn, Jens H. (2016) Possibility and Challenges of Conversion of Current Virus Species Names to Linnaean Binomials. Systematic Biology, 66 (3). pp. 463-473.


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