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Book Section

Urech, R., Green, P., Rice, M., Brown, G. W., Duncalfe, F., Webb, P. and Pritchard, D. (1993) Field performance of synthetic lures for the Australian Sheep Blowfly, Lucilia cuprina (Diptera: Calliphoridae). In: Pest Control and Sustainable Agriculture. CSIRO, 514 pages. ISBN 0 643 05426 X


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Conference or Workshop Item

James, P.J. (2010) Issues and advances in the integrated control of sheep lice. In: Animal Production in Australia - Livestock Production in a Changing Environment. Proceedings of the 28th Australian Society of Animal Production, (ASAP), 11-15 July 2010, Armidale, New South Wales .


Armstrong, B., Knights, G. and McLeish, W. (2001) Blowflies and Lice Information Manual. A practical approach to producing low residue wool. Department of Primary Industries, Queensland. ISBN 0 7345 0128 5

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