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Blaney, B.J., Ryley, M.J. and Boucher, B.D. (2010) Early harvest and ensilage of forage sorghum infected with ergot (Claviceps africana) reduces the risk of livestock poisoning. Australian Veterinary Journal, 88 (8). pp. 311-312. ISSN 0005-0423


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Ryley, M.J., Lloyd, D.L., Teasdale, K.C. and Mackie, J.M. (2004) Rhizoctonia crown and root rot of the pasture legume, sulla (Hedysarum coronarium). Australasian Plant Pathology, 33 (2). pp. 183-188.


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Fuhlbohm, M.J., Tatnell, J.R. and Ryley, M.J. (2003) First report of stem rot and wilt of chickpea caused by Sclerotinia minor in Queensland, Australia. Australasian Plant Pathology, 32 (2). pp. 323-324.

Ryley, M.J., Jensen, T. and Kyei, A.N. (2003) Mechanical harvesting reduces sphacelia/sclerotia levels of Claviceps africana. International Sorghum and Millets Newsletter (44). pp. 100-102. ISSN 1023-487X


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Ryley, M.J. (2001) Location and activity of hyphae of the downy mildew, Peronosclerospora noblei (Family Peronosporaceae), and its relationship to symptom expression on wild sorghum (Sorghum leiocladum). Australian Journal of Botany, 49 (4). pp. 487-492. ISSN 0067-1924

Ryley, M.J. and Langdon, R.F.N. (2001) Peronosclerospora eriochloae sp. nov. and other downy mildews on native grasses in Queensland, Australia. Mycotaxon, 79 . pp. 87-99.


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Ryley, M.J., Kyei, N.A. and Tatnell, J. R. (2000) Evaluation of fungicides for the management of sclerotinia blight of peanut. Australian Journal of Agricultural Research, 51 (7). pp. 917-924. ISSN 1836-0947

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Drenth, A., Whisson, S. C., Maclean, D. J., Irwin, J.A.G., Obst, N.R. and Ryley, M.J. (1996) The evolution of races of Phytophthora sojae in Australia. Phytopathology, 86 . pp. 163-169. ISSN 0031-949X

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