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Event frequency and severity of sorghum ergot in Australia

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Wang, E., Meinke, H. and Ryley, M.J. (2000) Event frequency and severity of sorghum ergot in Australia. Australian Journal of Agricultural Research, 51 (4). pp. 457-466. ISSN 1836-0947


Article Link: https://doi.org/10.1071/AR99117


The temporal and regional distribution of the severity and potential number of events of sorghum ergot on grain sorghum in Australia were analysed using daily climatic data from 1957 to 1998. This analysis was conducted using both a rule-based method and a regression model. Between December and March, the main flowering period for most commercial grain sorghum crops, we found a likely increase of ergot events in eastern Australia from south to north as well as from west to east. When crops flowered in April or May the number of potential monthly events increased, particularly in the southern areas. The smallest number of events occurred when flowering occurred between September and December. The temporal and geographic distribution of the number of events and severity of sorghum ergot is closely related to relative humidity during the flowering period. The analysis indicates that grain sorghum crops flowering between early December and February are unlikely to be severely infected with sorghum ergot. Late flowering sorghum has increased risk to severe infection, especially in the coastal regions.

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