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Small-scale capture, transport and tank adaptation of live, medium-sized Scombrids using "Tuna Tubes"

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Bar, I., Dutney, L., Lee, P., Yazawa, R., Yoshizaki, G., Takeuchi, Y., Cummins, S. and Elizur, A. (2015) Small-scale capture, transport and tank adaptation of live, medium-sized Scombrids using "Tuna Tubes". SpringerPlus, 4 (1). p. 604. ISSN 2193-1801

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Article Link: http://dx.doi.org/10.1186/s40064-015-1391-y

Publisher URL: http://www.springerplus.com/content/4/1/604


The transport of live fish is a crucial step to establish fish culture in captivity, and is especially challenging for species that have not been commonly cultured before, therefore transport and handling methods need to be optimized and tailored. This study describes the use of tuna tubes for small-scale transport of medium-sized pelagic fish from the Scombridae family. Tuna tubes are an array of vertical tubes that hold the fish, while fresh seawater is pumped up the tubes and through the fish mouth and gills, providing oxygen and removing wastes. In this study, 19 fish were captured using rod and line and 42% of the captured fish were transported alive in the custom-designed tuna tubes to an on-shore holding tank: five mackerel tuna (Euthynnus affinis) and three leaping bonito (Cybiosarda elegans). Out of these, just three (15.8% of total fish) acclimatized to the tank's condition. Based on these results, we discuss an improved design of the tuna tubes that has the potential to increase survival rates and enable a simple and low cost method of transporting of live pelagic fish.

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