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Gambley, C., Nimmo, P., Persley, D. M., Steele, V., Sharman, M. and Campbell, P. R. (2022) Cowpea mild mottle virus, a sometimes problem for French bean crops. Australasian Plant Pathology, 51 (6). pp. 565-576. ISSN 1448-6032

Fletcher, S. J., Peters, J. R., Olaya, C., Persley, D. M., Dietzgen, R. G., Carroll, B. J., Pappu, H. and Mitter, N. (2022) Tospoviruses Induce Small Interfering RNAs Targeting Viral Sequences and Endogenous Transcripts in Solanaceous Plants. Pathogens, 11 (7). p. 745. ISSN 2076-0817

Persley, D. M., Steele, V., Sharman, M., Campbell, P. R., Geering, A. D. W. and Gambley, C. (2020) First report of a carlavirus infecting plants in the Fabaceae in Australia. New Disease Reports, 41 . p. 26. ISSN 2044-0588

Gambley, C., Persley, D. M. and Thomas, J. E. (2019) First record of Ranunculus white mottle virus from Australia. New Disease Reports, 40 . p. 13. ISSN 20440588 (ISSN)

Smith, M. K., Daniells, J. W., Persley, D. M., O'Neill, W. T., Samuelian, S., Wright, C. L. and Drenth, A. (2018) Field evaluation of six Gros Michel banana accessions (Musa spp., AAA group) for agronomic performance, resistance to Fusarium wilt race 1 and yellow Sigatoka. Crop Protection, 113 . pp. 84-89.

Widana Gamage, S. M. K., McGrath, D. J., Persley, D. M. and Dietzgen, R. G. (2016) Transcriptome Analysis of Capsicum Chlorosis Virus-Induced Hypersensitive Resistance Response in Bell Capsicum. PLoS ONE, 11 (7). e0159085.

Widana Gamage, S., Persley, D. M., Higgins, C. M. and Dietzgen, R. G. (2015) First complete genome sequence of a capsicum chlorosis tospovirus isolate from Australia with an unusually large S RNA intergenic region. Archives of Virology, 160 (3). pp. 869-872. ISSN 0304-8608

Sharman, M., Persley, D. M. and Thomas, J. E. (2009) Distribution in Australia and seed transmission of tobacco streak virus in parthenium hysterophorus. Plant Disease, 93 (7). pp. 708-712. ISSN 01912917 (ISSN)

Sharman, M., Thomas, J. E. and Persley, D. M. (2008) First report ofTobacco streak virus in sunflower (Helianthus annuus), cotton (Gossypium hirsutum), chickpea (Cicer arietinum) and mung bean (Vigna radiata) in Australia. Australasian Plant Disease Notes, 3 (1). pp. 27-29. ISSN 1448-6032

Laidlaw, H.K.C., Persley, D. M., Pallaghy, C.K. and Godwin, I. D. (2004) Sequence diversity in the coat protein coding region of the genome RNA of Johnsongrass mosaic virus in Australia. Archives of Virology, 149 . pp. 1633-1641. ISSN 1432-8798

McMichael, L. A., Persley, D. M. and Thomas, J. E. (2002) A new tospovirus serogroup IV species infecting capsicum and tomato in Queensland, Australia. Australasian Plant Pathology, 31 . pp. 231-239. ISSN 1448-6032

Lines, R. E., Persley, D. M., Dale, J. L., Drew, R. and Bateson, M. F. (2002) Genetically engineered immunity to Papaya ringspot virus in Australian papaya cultivars. Molecular Breeding, 10 . pp. 119-129. ISSN 1572-9788

Elder, R.J., Milne, J.R., Reid, D. J., Guthrie, J.N. and Persley, D. M. (2002) Temporal incidence of three phytoplasma-associated diseases of Carica papaya and their potential hemipteran vectors in central and south-east Queensland. Australasian Plant Pathology, 31 . pp. 165-176. ISSN 1448-6032

Persley, D. M., McMichael, L. and Spencer, D. (2001) Detection of Peanut stripe virus in post-entry quarantine in Queensland. Australasian Plant Pathology, 30 . p. 377. ISSN 1448-6032

Herrington, M.E., Prytz, S., Wright, R. M., Walker, I. O., Brown, P., Persley, D. M. and Greber, R. S. (2001) 'Dulong QHI' and 'Redlands Trailblazer', PRSV-W-, ZYMV-, and WMV-resistant winter squash cultivars. HortScience, 36 (4). pp. 811-812. ISSN 0018-5345

Padovan, A., Gibb, K. S. and Persley, D. M. (2000) Association of 'Candidatus Phytoplasma australiense' with green petal and lethal yellows diseases in strawberry. Plant Pathology, 49 (3). pp. 362-369. ISSN 0032-0862

McMichael, L. A., Persley, D. M. and Thomas, J. E. (2000) The first record of a serotype IV tospovirus in Australia. Australasian Plant Pathology, 29 . p. 149. ISSN 1448-6032

Magdalita, P. M., Persley, D. M., Godwin, I. D., Drew, R.A. and Adkins, S. W. (1997) Screening Carica papaya x C. cauliflora hybrids for resistance to papaya ringspot virus-type P. Plant Pathology, 46 (6). pp. 837-841. ISSN 0032-0862

Gibb, K.S., Persley, D. M., Schneider, B. and Thomas, J.E. (1996) Phytoplasmas associated with papaya diseases in Australia. Plant Disease, 80 . pp. 174-178. ISSN 0191-2917

Book Section

Persley, D. M. and Ploetz, R.C. (2003) Diseases of papaya. In: Diseases of tropical fruit crops. CABI Publishing, 527 pages. ISBN 978-0-85199-390-4

Persley, D. M. and Ploetz, R. C. (2003) Diseases of papaya. In: Diseases of tropical fruit crops. CABI Publishing, 527 pages.


Persley, D. M. (2019) Characterisation of a Carlavirus of French Bean. Project Report. Hort Innovation.

Conference or Workshop Item

Persley, D. M., Campbell, P. R., Gambley, C., Nimmo, P., Sharman, M. and Steele, V. (2017) A disease of French beans and soybean caused by Cowpea mild mottle virus in Queensland. In: Science Protecting Plant Health, 23-29 September 2017, Brisbane.

Cremer, J. E., Campbell, P. R., Steele, V., Hall, Z., Harper, S., Griffin, D., Persley, D. M., Thomas, J. E. and Gambley, C. (2017) Distribution and epidemiology of viruses infecting garlic in Australia. In: Science Protecting Plant Health, 23-29 September 2017, Brisbane.

Sharman, M., Filardo, F. F., Brier, H., Gambley, C., Steele, V. and Persley, D. M. (2017) Phytoplasma disease outbreaks in multiple crops in eastern Australia. In: Science Protecting Plant Health, 23-29 September 2017, Brisbane.


Persley, D. M., Wilson, C., Thomas, J., Sharman, M. and Tree, D. (2010) IXth International Symposium on Thysanoptera and Tospoviruses, 31st August-4th September 2009, Sea World Resort, Queensland, Australia. Journal of Insect Science, 10 (166) (1). University of Wisconsin Library.

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