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Witt, T., Robinson, N., Palma, A. C., Cernusak, L. A., Pratt, S., Redding, M. R., Batstone, D. J., Schmidt, S. and Laycock, B. (2024) Evaluating novel biodegradable polymer matrix fertilizers for nitrogen-efficient agriculture. Journal of Environmental Quality, 53 (3). pp. 287-299. ISSN 0047-2425

Yuan, Y., Gauthier, E., Ouwerkerk, D., Fletcher, M. T. and Laycock, B. (2022) Unravelling biodegradation and toxin release kinetics of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate)-based biocomposites in a simulated rumen environment: A preliminary study. Sustainable Materials and Technologies, 33 . e00498. ISSN 2214-9937

Yuan, Y., Hungerford, N. L., Gauthier, E., Ouwerkerk, D., Yong, K. W. L., Fletcher, M. T. and Laycock, B. (2021) Extraction and determination of the Pimelea toxin simplexin in complex plant-polymer biocomposites using ultrahigh-performance liquid chromatography coupled with quadrupole Orbitrap mass spectrometry. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 413 . pp. 5121-5133. ISSN 1618-2650

Levett, I., Liao, M., Pratt, C., Redding, M., Laycock, B. and Pratt, S. (2020) Designing for effective controlled release in agricultural products: new insights into the complex nature of the polymer–active agent relationship and implications for use. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, 100 (13). pp. 4723-4733. ISSN 0022-5142

Gordon, R. J., Hungerford, N. L., Laycock, B., Ouwerkerk, D. and Fletcher, M. T. (2019) Adsorbents for the Sequestration of the Pimelea Toxin, Simplexin. Proceedings, 36 (1). p. 90. ISSN 2504-3900

Gauthier, E., Ouwerkerk, D., Laycock, B. and Fletcher, M. (2019) Biopolymer Composites for Slow Release to Manage Pimelea Poisoning in Cattle. Proceedings, 36 (1). p. 97. ISSN 2504-3900

Yuan, Y., Gauthier, E., Hungerford, N. L., Ouwerkerk, D., Fletcher, M. T. and Laycock, B. (2019) Modelling the Controlled Release of Toxins in a Rumen Environment. Proceedings, 36 (1). p. 89. ISSN 2504-3900

Levett, I., Pratt, S., Donose, B. C., Brackin, R., Pratt, C., Redding, M. R. and Laycock, B. (2019) Understanding the mobilisation of a nitrification inhibitor from novel slow release pellets, fabricated through extrusion processing with PHBV biopolymer. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 67 (9). pp. 2449-2458. ISSN 0021-8561

Conference or Workshop Item

Ouwerkerk, D., Gauthier, E., Yuan, Y., Costa, D. F. A., Laycock, B. and Fletcher, M. T. (2022) In vivo rumen microbial degradation of polyhydroxyalkanoate biopolymers. In: Australian Association of Animal Sciences 34th Biennial Conference 2022, 5–7 July 2022, Cairns, Queensland.

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