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The proliferative responses of lymphocytes from foetal calves and adult cattle

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Tierney, T.J. and Simpson-Morgan, M.W. (1997) The proliferative responses of lymphocytes from foetal calves and adult cattle. Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology, 59 (1-2). pp. 49-64. ISSN 1873-2534

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Article Link: https://doi.org/10.1016/S0165-2427(97)00057-3


This paper describes the proliferative responses of prescapular lymph lymphocytes and peripheral blood lymphocytes of foetal calves compared with cells of similar origin from adult cattle. Lymph lymphocytes were collected continuously by means of cannulation of efferent lymphatic ducts of the prescapular lymph node of foetal calves and adult cattle. Peripheral blood lymphocytes were collected from the foetus by means of cannulation of superficial veins of the foetus or of the umbilical vessels and from the jugular vein of adults. Foetal lymphocytes in one-way mixed lymphocyte culture stimulated and responded as well as adult lymphocytes. Foetal cells stimulated and responded more to cells from unrelated animals than to cells from their dam. Lymph lymphocytes from foetal calves between 188 and 253 days of gestation proliferated as well as adult lymphocytes and at a high level after stimulation with concanavalin A, phytohaemagglutinin and pokeweed mitogen. Response to stimulation with lipopolysaccharide, soybean agglutinin and wheat-germ agglutinin was variable but generally low and within the same range recorded by adult cells. Proliferation by foetal and adult whole-blood cultures was on occasions as high as that recorded by separated lymphocytes, even though fewer lymphocytes were initially present in the whole-blood cultures. Foetal lymph lymphocytes exhibited lower proliferative responses in autologous lymph plasma than in foetal calf serum or pooled foetal lymph plasma. There was no consistent depression of proliferation by culture medium supplements from pregnant animals. Rabbit serum consistently abrogated responses. Fetuin at final concentrations of greater than 2.5 mg/ml significantly depressed proliferation in foetal and adult lymphocytes from efferent lymph and peripheral blood.

Item Type:Article
Keywords:Lymphocyte; Proliferation; Foetal calf; Lymph; Lectins
Subjects:Science > Microbiology > Immunology
Animal culture > Cattle
Veterinary medicine > Veterinary epidemiology. Epizootiology
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