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Development of a mixed microbial drench for detoxification of three Leucaena cultivars

Gravel, J. L., Gilbert, R. A., Maguire, A. J., Minchin, C. M. and Ouwerkerk, D. (2022) Development of a mixed microbial drench for detoxification of three Leucaena cultivars. In: Australian Association of Animal Sciences 34th Biennial Conference 2022, 5–7 July 2022, Cairns, Queensland.


Publisher URL: https://www.publish.csiro.au/AN/pdf/ANv62n11abs


The adoption of Leucaena leucocephala in Queensland, as a high protein, leguminous fodder shrub, has been hindered by insect infestation, with psyllids thriving on Leucaena planted in high humidity regions. A psyllid-resistant cultivar of Leucaena has therefore been developed (Redlands). Nonetheless, all Leucaena cultivars contain the non-protein amino acid, mimosine, which in the rumen of cattle can be degraded by many different bacteria to the toxic metabolite 3hydroxy-4-(1H)-pyridone (3,4-DHP). For over 20 years, a mixed microbial drench containing Synergistes jonesii has been produced by DAF to degrade mimosine, 3, 4-DHP and its degradation product 2,3-dihydroxypyridine (2,3-DHP), to reduce any toxic side-effects of feeding Leucaena to cattle (Klieve et al. 2002). This drench is produced in an in-vitro fermentation system supplied with leaf material from the Leucaena cultivar, Cunningham. Previous research found replacing the Cunningham leaf with either psyllid-resistant Redlands or psyllid-tolerant Wondergraze leaf, negatively impacted the mixed bacterial populations’ ability to degrade 3,4-DHP (Ouwerkerk et al. 2019). This study aimed to test how supplying leaf material from a combination of three cultivars, Cunningham, Redlands and Wondergraze of Leucaena (TriMix) to the fermentation system, would affect S. jonesii populations, the ability of the mixed microbial populations to degrade mimosine, 3,4-DHP and 2,3 DHP and if these microbial populations would grow and retain activity, in fermentations supplied leaf from each single Leucaena cultivar.

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Corporate Creators:Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, Queensland
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Additional Information:Anchoring knowledge – exploring the animal science ecosystem Proceedings of the Australian Association of Animal Sciences Volume 34
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