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Sexual reproduction in populations of Austropuccinia psidii

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McTaggart, A. R., du Plessis, E., Roux, J., Barnes, I., Fraser, S., Granados, G. M., Ho, W. W. H., Shuey, L. S. and Drenth, A. (2020) Sexual reproduction in populations of Austropuccinia psidii. European Journal of Plant Pathology, 156 (2). pp. 537-545. ISSN 1573-8469

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Article Link: https://doi.org/10.1007/s10658-019-01903-y


Austropuccinia psidii is a rust fungus that has expanded its known geographic distribution and host range on Myrtaceae. Invasions by rust fungi are often caused by asexual urediniospores that give rise to populations with low genotypic diversity. Recently it was shown that basidiospores, the gametic spores of A. psidii, were able to infect species of Myrtaceae under controlled conditions. The present study tested the hypothesis that sexual reproduction occurs through infection of Myrtaceae by basidiospores of A. psidii in recently invasive populations from New Zealand and South Africa. We provided three lines of evidence to test this hypothesis: i) presence of a sexual stage, ii) high genotypic diversity within an invasive population, and iii) no genetic linkage between microsatellite markers in multilocus genotypes. Our results provide evidence that invasions of A. psidii are caused by both urediniospores that spread clonal genotypes, and teliospores that produce recombinant basidiospores, which infect Myrtaceae. We reject the hypothesis that field infections of A. psidii are only caused by asexual urediniospores, and support that sexual reproduction occurs in invasive populations and may accelerate adaptation to environmental change.

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