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A comparison of the excretion rate of endogenous purine derivatives in the urine of Bos indicus and Bos taurus steers

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Bowen, M. K., Poppi, D. P., McLennan, S. R. and Doogan, V.J. (2006) A comparison of the excretion rate of endogenous purine derivatives in the urine of Bos indicus and Bos taurus steers. Australian Journal of Agricultural Research, 57 (2). pp. 173-177.


Article Link: http://dx.doi.org/10.1071/AR05182

Publisher URL: http://www.publish.csiro.au


Estimates of microbial crude protein (MCP) production by ruminants, using a method based on the excretion of purine derivatives in urine, require an estimate of the excretion of endogenous purine derivatives (PD) by the animal. Current methods allocate a single value to all cattle. An experiment was carried out to compare the endogenous PD excretion in Bos taurus and high-content B. indicus (hereafter, B. indicus) cattle. Five Holstein–Friesian (B. taurus) and 5 Brahman (> 75% B. indicus) steers (mean liveweight 326 ± 3.0 kg) were used in a fasting study. Steers were fed a low-quality buffel grass (Cenchrus ciliaris; 59.4 g crude protein/kg dry matter) hay at estimated maintenance requirements for 19 days, after which hay intake was incrementally reduced for 2 days and the steers were fasted for 7 days. The excretion of PD in urine was measured daily for the last 6 days of the fasting period and the mean represented the daily endogenous PD excretion. Excretion of endogenous PD in the urine of B. indicus steers was less than half that of the B. taurus steers (190 µmol/kg W0.75.day v. 414 µmol/kg W0.75.day; combined s.e. 37.2 µmol/kg W0.75.day; P < 0.001). It was concluded that the use of a single value for endogenous PD excretion is inappropriate for use in MCP estimations and that subspecies-specific values would improve precision.

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Keywords:Rumen microbial protein; Cattle.
Subjects:Animal culture > Feeds and feeding. Animal nutrition
Animal culture > Cattle
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