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Mealybug wilt disease

Gambley, C. and Thomas, J. E. (2015) Mealybug wilt disease. In: Virus diseases of tropical and subtropical crops. Cabi, Wallingford, UK.

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Article Link: http://www.cabi.org/cabebooks/ebook/20153421759


Mealybug wilt disease (MWD) is a serious field disease of pineapples worldwide that was first described in Hawaii in 1910. MWD is thought to be caused by a complex involving viruses, mealybugs and ants. The viruses are transmitted by mealybugs, which in turn are tended by ants. Although a number of distinct viruses have been associated with the disease, the identity of the causal agent(s) has not been determined unequivocally. This chapter describes the disease symptopms, aetiology and management of MWD. In the last 20 years, significant advances have been achieved in identifying the causal viral agents, and gaining a better understanding of MWD. However, the interactions between the viruses, mealybugs and environmental factors are complicated, and the conditions required for the expression of MWD have only been partially elucidated at this time. The possible role of gene silencing, the identity of the additional ampelovirus(es) and badnavirus(es) that have been detected but not characterized, and the interaction between these disease-inducing factors are fertile areas for future research.

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