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Marking scallops for release and recapture

Lucas, T., Palmer, P., Wang, S., Scoones, R. and O'Brien, E. (2008) Marking scallops for release and recapture. Project Report. FRDC.

PDF (Marking scallops for release and recapture)

Article Link: https://www.frdc.com.au/project/2005-016


Objectives : To develop a method to mark hatchery reared saucer scallops to distinguish them from animals derived from wild populations.
Outcomes achieved : Juvenile saucer scallop (Amusium balloti) shells have been successfully marked en masse using 3 chemicals, namely alizarin red S, calcein and oxytetracycline (OTC). Considering spat survival, mark quality and mark duration collectively, the most successful chemical was OTC. Scallop spat immersed for three days in 200 or 300 mg L-1 OTC resulted in good mark incorporation and high survival. Tris was an effective means of buffering pH change during OTC treatment, with no apparent adverse effects to the scallops. The marks from OTC treatment were still visible in live scallops for at least 10 months, even with exposure to natural filtered light during that period. A second discernible shell mark was added 27 days after the first with no evident toxicity to the scallops. A simulated seabed system was designed which provide marked improvements in scallop juvenile survival and growth. Advice on shell marking has been given to QSS by DPI&F, and the first commercial trials have now commenced, with initial results showing successful marking of juvenile scallops at QSS. This research will allow the industry to monitor the survival, growth and movement of specific cohorts of deployed scallops. This will provide valuable feedback to assess the value of the ranching venture, to optimise release strategies, and to develop improved species management plans.

Item Type:Monograph (Project Report)
Business groups:Animal Science
Keywords:Final report
Subjects:Aquaculture and Fisheries
Aquaculture and Fisheries > Aquaculture > Shellfish culture
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