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Revision of the Australian Tephritini (Diptera : Tephritidae)

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Hardy, D.E. and Drew, R.A.I. (1996) Revision of the Australian Tephritini (Diptera : Tephritidae). Invertebrate Taxonomy, 10 (2). pp. 213-405. ISSN 1445-5226


Article Link: https://doi.org/10.1071/IT9960213


The Australian fauna of Tephritini, a major tribe of the subfamily Tephritinae (Tephritidae), is revised for the first time; 23 genera and 77 species are treated. A further nine species are discussed but not named. Fourteen genera are revised and the following nine new genera described: Collessomyia, Cooronga, Hyalopeza, Liepana, Paraactinoptera, Parahyalopeza, Paraspathulina, Peneparoxyna and Quasicooronga. Twenty-four species are revised and the following 53 new species described: Campiglossa transversa, C. turneri, C. vaga, C. whitei, Collessomyia setiger, Cooronga mcalpinei, Dioxyna hyalina, Hyalopeza schneiderae, Liepana helichrysii, L. latifrons, Oedaspis apicalis, O. apiciclara, O. austrina, O . continua, O. gallicola, O. goodenia, O. mouldsi, O. olearia, O. perkinsi, O. semihyalina, O. serrata, O. trimaculata, O . whitei, Paraactinoptera collessi, Parahyalopeza bushi, Paraspathulina apicomacula, P. eremostigma, Paroxyna infrequens, Peneparoxyna minuta, Platensina trimaculata, Quasicooronga connecta, Q. disconnecta, Rhabdochaeta queenslandica, R. wedelia, Tephritis brunnea, T. bushi, T. distigmata, T. furcata, T. hesperia, T. pantosticta, T. phaeostigma, T. prolixa, T. protrusa, T. pumila, T. quasiprolixa, T. tasmaniae, T. trupanea, Trupanea bifida, T. heronensis, T. notata, T. prolata, T. pusilla and T. queenslandensis. Keys to genera and species are presented. Information is given on host plants and geographic distributions. The genera Chrysotrypanea Malloch and Oedaspoides Hendel are newly synonymised with Oedaspis Loew.

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