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Bamboo-shoot fruit flies of Asia (Diptera: Tephritidae: Ceratitidinae)

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Hancock, D.L. and Drew, R.A.I. (1999) Bamboo-shoot fruit flies of Asia (Diptera: Tephritidae: Ceratitidinae). Journal of Natural History, 33 (5). pp. 633-775. ISSN 0022-2933

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Article Link: https://doi.org/10.1080/002229399300164


The bamboo-shoot breeding Gastrozonini (Ceratitidinae) of Asia are reviewed, with 86 species recognized in 17 genera. One new genus and five new species are proposed: Cyrtostola gen. nov., Acroceratitis hardyi sp. nov., Acroceratitis tenmalaica sp. nov., Chaetellipsis kinabaluensis sp. nov., Chaetellipsis maculosa sp. nov., Paragastrozona trivittata sp. nov. Twenty-four species are placed as new synonyms: Acroceratitis clavifera (Hering), A. cognata Hardy and A. gladiella (Munro) [all of A. ceratitina (Bezzi)]; A. flava Premlata and Awtar Singh [of A. separata (Bezzi)]; A. maculata Premlata and Awtar Singh [of A. tomentosa Hardy]; A. similis Hardy [of A. siamensis (Munro)]; Acrotaeniostola helvenaca Ito [of A. sexvittata Hendel]; A. hoenei Hering [of A. scutellaris (Matsumura)]; A. quadrifasciata (Enderlein) [of A. quinaria (Coquillett)]; Carpophthorella luteiseta (Bezzi) [of C. capillata (Bezzi)]; Chaetellipsis atrata Hardy and C. occipitalis (Zia) [both of C. paradoxa Bezzi]; Galbifascia quadripunctata Hardy [of G. sexpunctata Hardy]; Gastrozona solitaria Hering [of G. proterva Hering]; Phaeospilodes atrifacies Hering, P. poeciloptera Kertész and P. torquata Hering [all of P. fenestella (Coquillett)]; P. fritilla Hardy [of Acroceratitis distincta (Zia)]; Prospilocosmia octavia Munro, P. punctata Shiraki and P. p. kotoshoensis Shiraki [all of Spilocosmia bakeri Bezzi]; Taeniostola apicata Hering and T. connecta Hendel [both of T. vittigera Bezzi]; T. melli Hering [of Paragastrozona vulgaris (Zia)]. Acrotaeniostola scutellaris (Matsumura) is accepted as a distinct species and Carpophthorella magnifica Hendel is removed from synonymy. Fifteen other species are placed in new combinations: Acrotaeniostola morosa (Hering), Chaetellipsis alternata (Zia), C. bivittata (Hardy), C. pretiosa (Hering), Cyrtostola limbata (Hendel), Dietheria gracilis (Bezzi), Paragastrozona apicemaculata (Hering), P. fukienica (Hering), P. orbata (Hering), P. vulgaris (Zia), Paraxarnuta extorris (Hering), P. interrupta (Hardy), Phaeospila dissimilis (Zia), P. megaspilota (Hardy), Phaeospilodes paragoga (Hering). Lectotypes are designated for Acroceratitis striata (Froggatt) and Phaeospilodes bambusae Hering. Three further species and four synonyms are noted in an appendix.

Item Type:Article
Keywords:Tephritidae; Asia; taxonomic changes; new taxa; bamboo flies
Subjects:Science > Entomology
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