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Grass-breeding fruit flies and their allies of Africa and Asia (Diptera : Tephritidae : Ceratitidinae)

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Hancock, D.L. (1999) Grass-breeding fruit flies and their allies of Africa and Asia (Diptera : Tephritidae : Ceratitidinae). Journal of Natural History, 33 (6). pp. 911-948. ISSN 0022-2933

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Article Link: https://doi.org/10.1080/002229399300155


The African genera Bistrispinaria Speiser, Clinotaenia Bezzi and Leucotaeniella Bezzi are reviewed. Clinotaenia camerunica sp. nov. and Leucotaeniella mambillae sp. nov. are described. Clinotaenia atlas Munro is transferred to Bistrispinaria Speiser and Carpophthoromyia superba Bezzi is transferred to Clinotaenia, whilst B. uranos (Hering) is placed as a new synonym of B. woodi (Bezzi) and C. cedarensis Munro is placed as a new synonym of C. grata (Wiedemann). Notes are included on the Asian genera Anoplomus Bezzi, Proanoplomus Shiraki, Rhaibophleps Hardy and Sinanoplomus Zia, all of which appear to be related to Clinotaenia and Leucotaeniella, with Sinanoplomus fasciatus (Walker) transferred from Gastrozona Bezzi. Genus Ceratitoides Hendel is also discussed, with Pardalaspinus Hering, Notophosa Zia and Ceratitisoma Zia placed as new synonyms. The African Chelyophora frigida Hering is transferred from Bistrispinaria and placed as a new synonym of Ceratitoides nigromaculatus Hendel. The Asian C. aberratus (Hardy), C. adnatus (Hardy) and C. maai (Chen) are transferred from Acroceratitis Hendel. Ceratitoides namtamai sp. nov. and C. sikhimensis sp. nov. are described from SE Asia. Keys to all known species are provided. Hostplants are known only for Bistrispinaria, which breeds in various grasses, including guinea grass, sorghum and maize, belonging to the subfamily Panicoideae.

Item Type:Article
Keywords:tephritidae, Africa, Asia, taxonomic changes, new taxa, grass flies
Subjects:Science > Entomology
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