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Survey of sugarcane pests and their natural enemies on the Atherton Tableland, Far North Queensland

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Sallam, N., Burgess, D.J.W., Lowe, G.E. and Peck, D.R. (2011) Survey of sugarcane pests and their natural enemies on the Atherton Tableland, Far North Queensland. Proceedings of the Australian Society of Sugar Cane Technology, 33 . ISSN 0726-0822



A study on insect pests of sugarcane on the Tableland (FNQ) revealed the existence of a number of scarab species inflicting variable degrees of damage to the crop. The greyback canegrub (Dermolepida albohirtum) was the dominant species followed by Anoplognathus porosus and A. boisduvali. Larvae of Lepidiota sororia, L. laevis and L. sparsa were found in different locations, however, these species are mainly associated with pasture and are unlikely to be of any economic importance in sugarcane. Other pests included the Sugarcane Weevil Borer (Rhabdoscelus obscurus) and several armyworm species belonging to the genera Leucania, Athetis and Nodaria, and these yielded a wide range of dipterous and hymenopterous parasitoids. In addition, the webworm Oncopera sp., which is mainly a pest of pasture, was encountered feeding on sugarcane setts near Tolga. Insecticides registered for the management of the greyback canegrub proved effective against species of Anoplognathus. This study revealed the existence of a different suite of pest species on the Tableland compared to coastal areas, possibly due to the Tableland’s inland location and higher elevation and the fact that it is relatively new to cane plantations. It is possible that, due to the recent expansion of sugarcane plantations on the Tableland at the expense of pasture land, species associated with pasture are occasionally found in sugarcane fields. Pest monitoring is therefore recommended to continue on the Tableland in case any of these pests expand their host range to include sugarcane.

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