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Queensland's approach to the control of exotic pest fishes

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MacKenzie, R. F. (2003) Queensland's approach to the control of exotic pest fishes. In: Managing invasive freshwater fish in New Zealand: proceedings of a workshop hosted by Department of Conservation. Department of Conservation, New Zealand, 174 pages. ISBN 0–478–22423–0



Sixteen species of exotic fish have become established in Queensland fresh waters. Three species or species groups pose a significant risk to Queensland's aquatic systems. These are carp, tilapia and Gambusia which are listed as noxious under the Queensland Fisheries Act 1994. While there is little doubt that carp and tilapia have successfully invaded Queensland waters, there is a great deal of conjecture as to the extent of their impact on aquatic systems. Much of the information relating to the impacts of these species is based on anecdotal evidence, highlighting the need for more research. Gambusia is known to be an aggressive species and has been implicated in the decline of a number of small native fishes. A Queensland strategy (Control of Exotic Pest Fishes - an operational strategy for Queensland freshwaters (2000-2005)) was developed after significant community consultation and input from numerous stakeholders both within Queensland and interstate. It aims to provide direction and focus for a uniform approach to pest fish management in Queensland and to link with other state and national strategies. It recognises that broad-scale eradication is not possible at this stage and priority is given to controlling the spread of exotic pest fish in Queensland. This Strategy, based on the principles of integrated pest management, recognises that owing to a lack of data, control programmes should be undertaken within an adaptive management framework. A number of priority actions were identified and have been implemented during the development of the strategy. These include a statewide education and extension strategy, a pest fish database and the development of pilot regional plans in priority areas.

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