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Rootstock affects yield, yield efficiency, and harvest rate of 'Kensington Pride' mango

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Smith, M. W., Hoult, M. D. and Bright, J. D. (2003) Rootstock affects yield, yield efficiency, and harvest rate of 'Kensington Pride' mango. HortScience, 38 (2). pp. 273-276. ISSN 0018-5345


Article Link: https://doi.org/10.21273/HORTSCI.38.2.273


Low yields and high harvesting costs are long-standing problems in mango (Mangifera indica L.) cultivation. In an effort to increase productivity in the scion ‘Kensington Prideʼ we examined the impact of nine different rootstocks over a 10-year period. Rootstock effects on fruit production were significant in most seasons, and cumulative yields (nine seasons of cropping) for the best treatment (‘Sg. Siputʼ) exceeded those of the poorest treatment (‘Sabreʼ) by 141%. Yield efficiencies (expressed on both a trunk cross-sectional area and canopy silhouette area basis) were also significantly affected by rootstock. Rootstock effects on yield and yield efficiency were generally consistent across seasons, despite large seasonal variations in yield. Harvest rates were also influenced by rootstock, and were poorly correlated with tree size. These results demonstrate possibilities for manipulating mango scion productivity through rootstock genotype.

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Subjects:Plant culture > Fruit and fruit culture > Culture of individual fruits or types of fruit > Stonefruit
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