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New species of Lembosia and Lembosina from Australia

Sivanesan, A. and Shivas, R. G. (2002) New species of Lembosia and Lembosina from Australia. Fungal Diversity, 11 . pp. 159-168. ISSN 1878-9129


Article Link: https://www.fungaldiversity.org/fdp/sfdp/FD_11_159...


Lembosia araucariae sp. nov., Lembosia syzygii sp. nov., Lembosina alyxiae sp. nov., Lembosina diospyrosi sp. nov. and Lembosina eucalypti sp. nov. on leaves of Araucaria, Syzygium, Alyxia, Diospyros and Eucalyptus respectively are described and illustrated from Australia. Lembosia hosagoudari nom. nov. is proposed to accommodate Lembosia syzygiicola Hosag. which is a later homonym of Lembosia syzygiicola (Hansf.) Deighton.

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Subjects:Plant pests and diseases
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