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Ada, R.L. (2003) Japanese Consumer Co-operatives - A market entry opportunity for Queensland fresh horticultural produce. Masters thesis, University of Queensland.


Barrett, J. L. (2004) Australian Bat Lyssavirus. PhD thesis, The University of Queensland, 405 pages.

Bally, I. S.E. (2007) The effect of preharvest nutrition and crop load on fruit quality and postharvest disease in mango (mangifera indica l.). PhD thesis, University of Queensland.

Bray, S. G. (2004) The successful life cycle of the pasture weed giant rats tail grass (Sporobolus pyramidalis). PhD thesis, University of Queensland, 248 pages.


Campbell, M. J. (2022) Assessing ecological risk posed to common rays by prawn trawling. PhD thesis, James Cook University, 154 pages.

Cliffe, N. (2019) Climate variability and the australian sugarcane farmer: a phenomenographic analysis of farmer experiences of managing and discussing climate risk. PhD thesis, University of Southern Queensland, 264 pages.

Chinivasagam, H.N. (2013) Fate of key food-borne pathogens associated with intensive pig and poultry farming environments. PhD thesis, Charles Darwin University.

Courtney, A. J. (1997) Spawning stock dynamics of penaeid prawns in southeast Queensland and considerations for preventing recruitment overfishing. PhD thesis, University of Queensland, 168 pages.


Dunlop, M. W. (2017) Quantifying poultry litter conditions and relationships with odour emissions. PhD thesis, University of New South Wales, 361 pages.

Dutney, L. (2016) Reproductive Biology and Controlled Reproductive Development of Captive Cobia (Rachycentron canadum). PhD thesis, University of the Sunshine Coast Sippy Downs, QLD, Australia, 187 pages.

Drew, R. A.I. (1990) Studies on Tropical Fruit Flies (Diptera: Tephritidae: Dacinae. Other thesis, University of Queensland, 1724 pages.


Griffiths, M.W. (1987) Inter- and intra-specific genetic variability of Heliothis armigera (Hubner) and H. punctigera (Wallengren) with reference to their differential resistance to insecticides. Other thesis, Griffith University, 130 pages.

Guthrie, J.A. (2005) Robustness of NIR calibrations for assessing fruit quality. PhD thesis, Central Queensland University, Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia.

Glanville, R.J. (1985) Studies on the epidemiology and potential extent of cattle tick infestations in the tick free area of Queensland. Other thesis, Queensland Government, 109 pages.

Griffiths, M.W. (1997) The biology and host relations of the red cedar tip moth Hypsipyla robusta Moore (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) in Australia. PhD thesis, University of Queensland, 182 pages.


Hopewell, G.P. (2004) An Investigation of Environmental Conditions Experienced During the Life of High Value Wood Components and Products. Masters thesis, University of Melbourne, Institute of Land and Food Resources, 120 pages.

Hunt, C. H. (2021) Improved methods of predicting genetic merit in plant breeding programs using linear mixed models. PhD thesis, University of Queensland, 134 pages.

Hall, W. B. (1996) Near - Real Time Financial Assessment of the Queensland Wool Industry on a Regional Basis. PhD thesis, University of Queensland..

Huwer, R. K. (1996) The developmental biology of Amblypelta lutescens lutescens Distant (Heteroptera: Coreidae) on selected tropical crops in Australia, with reference to environmentally compatible control methods. PhD thesis, Justus-Liebig-Universitat Gie13en, 188 pages.


Johnston, W. L. (2024) Applied economics within pearl farming value chains supporting community livelihoods in Fiji and Tonga. PhD thesis, University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, 260 pages.

Johnston, P. W. (1996) Grazing Capacity of Native Pastures in the Mulga Lands of South-Western Queensland: A Modelling Approach. PhD thesis, University of Queensland., 208 pages.


Khemmuk, W. (2017) Plant pathogenic Magnaporthales in Australia, with particular reference to Pyricularia oryzae on wild and cultivated rice. PhD thesis, University of Queensland, 193 pages.


Muller, J. (2017) Dehydration as a risk factor for calf mortality in northern Australia. Masters thesis, University of Queensland, 120 pages.

Mitchell, J. D. (2018) Understanding and quantifying shark depredation in a recreational fishery in the Ningaloo region of Western Australia. PhD thesis, University of Western Australia, 194 pages.


O’Neill, M. F. (2015) Improving the effectiveness of age-abundance indicators in the management of fisheries in Queensland, Australia. PhD thesis, The University of Queensland, 144 pages.

O'Connor, K. M. (2019) Selection strategies to improve yield in macadamia using component traits and genomics. PhD thesis, University of Queensland, 186 pages.

Orr, R. (2022) The effect of soil physico-chemical characteristics on the severity of Fusarium wilt of bananas. PhD thesis, James Cook University, 173 pages.


Pettett, P. (2009) Preliminary investigation into the induction of reproduction in Ulva spp. in Southeast Queensland for mass cultivation purposes. Masters thesis, University of the Sunshine Coast, 71 pages.


Rajandran, V. (2016) Genetic control of flowering time in lentil. PhD thesis, University Of Tasmania.

Roach, R. (2018) Identification and classification of Xanthomonas spp. causing bacterial leaf spot on capsicum, chilli and tomato in Australia. PhD thesis, La Trobe University.

Redman, A. (2017) Modelling of vacuum drying of Australian hardwood species. PhD thesis, Queensland University of Technology, 235 pages.


Sinclair, E. R. (1975) A life system study of Cryptophlebia ombrodelta (Lower) (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) in southeast Queensland. PhD thesis, University of Queensland, 765 pages.

Smith, C. S. (2014) Australian bat coronaviruses. PhD thesis, The University of Queensland, 137 pages.

Sharman, M. (2015) Genetic diversity and epidemiology of Tobacco streak virus and related subgroup 1 Ilarviruses. PhD thesis, University of Queensland, 175 pages.

Sadzius, K. E. (2024) Investigating the effects of the male lures cue-lure and zingerone on gene expression in Bactrocera tryoni and Bactrocera jarvisi (Diptera: Tephritidae). Masters thesis, Queensland University of Technology, 121 pages.

Skerman, A. (2017) Practical options for cleaning biogas prior to on-farm use at piggeries. Masters thesis, The University of Queensland, 119 pages.

Starkie, M. (2021) Systematics and evolution of the Australian Dacini (Diptera: Tephritidae). PhD thesis, QUT, 395 pages.


Turner, J. (1977) Some aspects of the biology and control of Earias huegeli Rog. Masters thesis, University of Queensland., 161 pages.

Twine, P. (1975) Some aspects of the natural control of larval Heliothis armigera (Hubn.) in maize. Masters thesis, University of Queensland., 122 pages.

Turner, L.B. (2013) Study of the structure and function of the sheath of tropically adapted bulls and risk factors for preputial eversion and preputial prolapse. PhD thesis, University of Queensland.

Tan, Y. P. (2019) Taxonomy and biodiversity of plant pathogenic fungi from Australia. PhD thesis, Utrecht University, 170 pages.


Wedding, B. B. (2018) The non-invasive assessment of avocado maturity and quality. PhD thesis, James Cook University, 198 pages.

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