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Fordyce, G., Shephard, R., Moravek, T. and McGowan, M. R. (2023) Australian cattle herd: a new perspective on structure, performance and production. Animal Production Science, 63 (4). pp. 410-421.

Fordyce, G., Barnes, T. S., McGowan, M. R., Perkins, N. R., Smith, D. R. and McCosker, K. D. (2023) Defining the primary business measure of liveweight production for beef cows in northern Australia. Animal Production Science, 63 (4). pp. 395-409.

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Silva, L. F. P., Muller, J. and Fordyce, G. (2019) Delay in Progesterone Decline Before Parturition is Connected with Failure of Passive Immune Transfer in Tropical Composite Beef Calves. Proceedings, 36 (1). ISSN 2504-3900

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Smith, D. and Fordyce, G. (2017) Demonstrating the effect of live weight on heifer pregnancy rates in northern Queensland. Project Report. Meat & Livestock Australia Limited.

Lane, J., Jubb, T., Shephard, R., Webb-Ware, J. and Fordyce, G. (2015) Priority list of endemic diseases for the red meat industries. Project Report. Meat & Livestock Australia Limited.

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Conference or Workshop Item

Cowley, R., McCosker, K. D., Pahl, L., Smith, D., Whish, G., Wooderson, M., Fordyce, G., Holloway, C. T., Jenner, D. and Materne, C. (2019) Finding the ‘Sweet Spot’ for reproductive performance in north Australian beef herds. In: Proceedings of the Northern Beef Research Update Conference, 19-22 August 2019, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

McGowan, M. R., Fordyce, G., Smith, D. and McCosker, K. D. (2017) Managing liveweight production from beef breeding herds. In: Calf Alive Symposium, 24-25th November 2017, Capella, Queensland..

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