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Bartlett, J. S. (2021) A Preliminary Suprageneric Classification for Clerinae (Coleoptera: Cleridae) based on Molecular and Morphological Evidence, Including a Review of Tegminal Terminology. Annales Zoologici, 71 (4). pp. 737-766.

Bartlett, J. S. (2019) Description of a second species of the genus' Australoclerus' opitz (Coleoptera: Cleridae). Australian Entomologist, The, 46 (2). p. 99.

Bartlett, J. S. and Gerstmeier, R. (2016) Menieroclerus gen. nov.: A new genus for Thanasimodes nigropiceus (Kuwert, 1893) (Coleoptera: Cleridae: Clerinae). Zootaxa, 4168 (2). pp. 395-400. ISSN 1175-5326

Bartlett, J. S. (2015) New synonymies for Australian Cleridae (Coleoptera). Zootaxa, 4057 (2). pp. 281-287. ISSN 1175-5326

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Gunter, N. L., Leavengood, J. M., Bartlett, J. S., Chapman, E. G. and Cameron, S. L. (2013) A molecular phylogeny of the checkered beetles and a description of Epiclininae a new subfamily (Coleoptera: Cleroidea: Cleridae). Systematic Entomology, 38 (3). pp. 626-636.

Bartlett, J. S. (2013) A revised taxonomy for Australian Teneropsis Chapin and Cregya Leconte (Coleoptera: Cleridae: Korynetinae). Memoirs of the Queensland Museum, 58 (1). pp. 411-420. ISSN 00798835 (ISSN)

Bartlett, J. S. and Szito, A. (2013) Opetiopalpus scutellaris Panzer (Coleoptera: Cleridae: Korynetinae) established in the Western Australian wheatbelt. Australian Entomologist, 40 (Part 2). pp. 65-66. ISSN 13206133 (ISSN)

Bartlett, J. S. (2013) Thriocerodes anthicides (newman), Comb. N. (Coleoptera: Cleridae): An australian, not South African, species. Australian Entomologist, 40 (PART1). pp. 53-55. ISSN 13206133

Khan, M., Byers, K., Bartlett, J. S. and Pathania, N. (2012) Queensland fruit fly and cotton boll rot. Australian Cottongrower, 33 (3). pp. 14-15. ISSN 1442-5289

Nayak, M. K., Holloway, J. C., Emery, R. N., Pavic, H., Bartlett, J. S. and Collins, P. J. (2012) Strong resistance to phosphine in the rusty grain beetle, Cryptolestes ferrugineus (Stephens) (Coleoptera: Laemophloeidae): its characterisation, a rapid assay for diagnosis and its distribution in Australia. Pest Management Science, 69 (1). pp. 48-53. ISSN 1526-498X

Lambkin, T. A., Swain, A. J., Rice, S. J., Bartlett, J. S. and Zalucki, M. P. (2012) Field Assessments of Control Agents for Lesser Mealworm (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) Using Litter Sampling. Journal of Economic Entomology, 105 (3). pp. 979-987. ISSN 0022-0493

Lambkin, C.L. and Bartlett, J. S. (2011) Bush Blitz aids description of three new species and a new genus of Australian beeflies (Diptera, Bombyliidae, Exoprosopini). Zookeys, 150 (S1). pp. 231-280.

Bartlett, J. S. (2010) A new species of bicoloured Eleale Newman (Coleoptera: Cleridae) from the northern territory. Australian Entomologist, 36 (4). pp. 183-188.

Bartlett, J. S. (2009) A replacement name for Phlogistus blackburni Hintz, 1908 (coleoptera: Cleridae). Australian Entomologist, 36 (3). pp. 97-98.

Bartlett, J. S. (2009) Scrobiger splendidus (Newman) (Coleoptera: Cleridae) associated with Hylaeus SP. (Hymenoptera: Colletidae) in Southeastern Queensland. Australian Entomologist, 36 (2). pp. 79-83.

Bartlett, J. S. (2009) Taxonomic revision of Apteropilo Lea, 1908 (Coleoptera: Cleridae). Zootaxa (2200). pp. 41-53.

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Lambkin, T.A., Kopittke, K.A., Rice, S.J., Bartlett, J. S. and Zalucki, M.P. (2007) Distributions of lesser mealworm (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) in litter of a compacted earth floor broiler house in subtropical Queensland, Australia. Journal of Economic Entomology, 100 (4). pp. 1136-1146.

Conference or Workshop Item

Griffiths, M.W., Bartlett, J. S., McDonald, J.M., Wylie, F. R., Hayes, A., Nahrung, H.F. and Pegg, G. S. (2017) Mapping and Trapping - Protecting Queensland’s Pine Resource. In: Science Protecting Plant Health, 23-29 September 2017, Brisbane.

Urbina, H., Bartlett, J. S., McTaggart, A., Shivas, R. G. and Blackwell, M. (2013) Gut-inhabiting yeasts from the gut of Australian passalid beetles. In: APS MSA Joint Meeting 2013, 10-14 August 2013, Austin Texas.


Lambkin, C.K. and Bartlett, J. S. Data from: Bush Blitz aids description of three new species and a new genus of Australian beeflies (Diptera, Bombyliidae, Exoprosopini). [Dataset]

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