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The Stability of Important Fruit Traits in Strawberry in Queensland

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Menzel, C. M. (2023) The Stability of Important Fruit Traits in Strawberry in Queensland. Horticulturae, 9 (3). p. 296. ISSN 2311-7524


Article Link: https://doi.org/10.3390/horticulturae9030296

Publisher URL: https://www.mdpi.com/2311-7524/9/3/296


Information was collected on yield and fruit quality in ‘Festival’, ‘Fortuna’, ‘Red Rhapsody’, ‘Fronteras’, ‘Grenada’ and ‘Petaluma’ strawberry (Fragaria × ananassa Duch.) in southern Queensland, Australia. Marketable yield was similar in the cultivars and ranged from 352 to 416 g/plant. Fruit were smaller in ‘Festival’ and ‘Grenada’ (21.3 or 23.7 g), intermediate in ‘Fortuna’ and ‘Red Rhapsody’ (25.0 or 24.7 g), and larger in ‘Fronteras’ and ‘Petaluma’ (27.6 or 27.8 g). Fruit soluble solids content (SSC) was lower in ‘Fronteras’, ‘Grenada’ and ‘Petaluma’ (6.9% to 7.2%) than in the other cultivars (7.4% to 8.3%). Fruit titratable acidity (TA) was lower in ‘Fortuna’ and ‘Fronteras’ (0.55% to 0.58%) than in the other cultivars (0.63% to 0.69%). The cultivars had similar estimates of stability for fruit weight (0.74 to 1.27) using the method of Finlay and Wilkinson (1963), where a cultivar with a value of one has average stability in a group. This suggests that the cultivars behaved similarly to changes in conditions over the season. The estimates of stability for SSC were lower than one or higher than one in some cultivars (0.45 to 1.75). The estimates of stability for TA were lower than one for some cultivars (0.33 to 1.33). None of the cultivars had high values of fruit quality and stable values of fruit quality for all the three traits. ‘Festival’ would be an acceptable parent in a breeding programme used to increase fruit SSC. In contrast, the other cultivars would be acceptable parents to increase fruit size. Efforts need to be made to develop cultivars with high and stable values of quality and that are suitable for production under global warming.

Item Type:Article
Corporate Creators:Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, Queensland
Business groups:Horticulture and Forestry Science
Keywords:cultivar; fruit weight; soluble solids content; titratable acidity
Subjects:Plant culture > Food crops
Plant culture > Horticulture. Horticultural crops
Plant culture > Fruit and fruit culture > Berries and small fruits
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