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Assessment of Termite Damage in Cross-laminated Timber Sections Using Micro-computed Tomography and Vibration Analysis

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Shirmohammadi, M., Faircloth, A., Paul, C. K.-Y. and Fitzgerald, C. J. (2023) Assessment of Termite Damage in Cross-laminated Timber Sections Using Micro-computed Tomography and Vibration Analysis. BioResources, 18 (3). pp. 4430-4449.


Article Link: https://doi.org/10.15376/biores.18.3.4430-4449


The durability of engineered wood products (EWPs) is a parameter yet to be fully investigated and understood. This is specifically important for mass timber structures and cross-laminated timber (CLT) panels. The effect of termites and scale of damage on radiata pine sawn boards have been previously investigated. However, the effects of glue line and the layered structure of CLT exposed to termite feeding in the field in Australia have not been studied. A total of 420 CLT specimens with different exposed faces and layer arrangements were exposed to termite attack in the field. Microcomputer tomography and vibration analysis were used to assess sample conditions before and after 20 weeks exposure. The observed changes showed damage patterns within samples where a glue line and different growth ring patterns were present. The termites created continuous damage along the longitudinal cells through the length and width of the samples. The 3D data showed that the edge gap on the face of panels could potentially act as a pathway for termites entering the core or mid-layers of the panel. The vibration frequency values were lower for samples after the termite exposure. The vibration analysis results showed significant effects of sample direction exposed to termite attack, and percentage of mass loss had significant effects on internal friction and damping values determined. © 2023, North Carolina State University. All rights reserved.

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Keywords:Engineered wood products Mass loss Microcomputer tomography Termite damage Vibration analysis Composites Gluing Lamination Microcomputers Wood Products Composite materials Computerized tomography Damage detection Glues Laminating Cross laminated Exposed to Glue lines Laminated timber Termite attack Vibrations analysis Timber
Subjects:Forestry > Research. Experimentation
Forestry > Forestry machinery and engineering
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