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Evaluation of Florpyrauxifenbenzyl for the control of Cyperus aromaticus (Navua sedge).

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Chadha, A., Florentine, S.K., Dhileepan, K., Turville, C. and Dowling, K. (2022) Evaluation of Florpyrauxifenbenzyl for the control of Cyperus aromaticus (Navua sedge). Advances in Weed Science, 40 . e0202200048. ISSN 2675-9462


Article Link: http://dx.doi.org/10.51694/AdvWeedSci/2022;40:0002...


Cyperus aromaticus (Navua sedge) is a creeping perennial sedge common to tropical environments, currently threatening many agroecosystems and ecosystems in Pacific Island countries and northern Queensland in Australia.
A glasshouse study was conducted to evaluate the efficacy of florpyrauxifen-benzyl on C. aromaticus plants with and without established rhizomes.
The plants with established rhizomes were treated at three application times being mowed, pre-flowering and flowering growth stages and plants without established rhizomes were treated at seedling, pre-flowering and flowering growth stages. At each application time, plants were treated with four rates of florpyrauxifen-benzyl: 0, 15, 30 and 60 g a.i. ha−1 and control.
There was no mortality in the plants with established rhizomes. Reduction in the number of tillers was observed at four weeks after treatment (WAT) in plants treated with 30 and 60 g a.i. ha−1 of herbicide, however, there was new growth from the rhizomes and the number of tillers increased at 8 WAT. Conversely, florpyrauxifen-benzyl provided above 95% control in plants without established rhizomes.
These results indicate florpyrauxifen-benzyl can help manage a new C. aromaticus infestation prior to the establishment of rhizomes. However, it has little to no impact on C. aromaticus plants with established rhizomes, and other management options should be employed to control them.

Item Type:Article
Business groups:Biosecurity Queensland
Keywords:chemical control; Kyllinga polyphylla; weed management; rhizome; creeping perennial
Subjects:Science > Invasive Species > Plants > Biological control
Plant pests and diseases > Weeds, parasitic plants etc
Plant pests and diseases > Pest control and treatment of diseases. Plant protection
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