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Loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) assays for detection of the New Guinea fruit fly Bactrocera trivialis (Drew) (Diptera: Tephritidae)

Starkie, M. L., Fowler, E. V., Zhu, X., Agarwal, A., Rako, L., Schneider, I. C., Schutze, M. K., Royer, J. E., Gopurenko, D., Gillespie, P. and Blacket, M. J. (2022) Loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) assays for detection of the New Guinea fruit fly Bactrocera trivialis (Drew) (Diptera: Tephritidae). Scientific Reports, 12 (1). p. 12602. ISSN 2045-2322


Article Link(s): https://doi.org/10.1038/s41598-022-16901-0

Publisher URL: https://doi.org/10.1038/s41598-022-16901-0


The cue-lure-responding New Guinea fruit fly, Bactrocera trivialis, poses a biosecurity risk to neighbouring countries, e.g., Australia. In trapping programs, lure caught flies are usually morphologically discriminated from non-target species; however, DNA barcoding can be used to confirm similar species where morphology is inconclusive, e.g., Bactrocera breviaculeus and B. rufofuscula. This can take days—and a laboratory—to resolve. A quicker, simpler, molecular diagnostic assay would facilitate a more rapid detection and potential incursion response. We developed LAMP assays targeting cytochrome c oxidase subunit I (COI) and Eukaryotic Translation Initiation Factor 3 Subunit L (EIF3L); both assays detected B. trivialis within 25 min. The BtrivCOI and BtrivEIF3L assay anneal derivatives were 82.7 ± 0.8 °C and 83.3 ± 1.3 °C, respectively, detecting down to 1 × 101 copies/µL and 1 × 103 copies/µL, respectively. Each assay amplified some non-targets from our test panel; however notably, BtrivCOI eliminated all morphologically similar non-targets, and combined, the assays eliminated all non-targets. Double-stranded DNA gBlocks were developed as positive controls; anneal derivatives for the COI and EIF3L gBlocks were 84.1 ± 0.7 °C and 85.8 ± 0.2 °C, respectively. We recommend the BtrivCOI assay for confirmation of suspect cue-lure-trapped B. trivialis, with BtrivEIF3L used for secondary confirmation when required.

Item Type:Article
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Subjects:Science > Entomology
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Plant pests and diseases
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