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Key research priorities for the future of fish and fisheries in Australia

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Williams, S. M., Tibbetts, I. R. and Holmes, B. J. (2022) Key research priorities for the future of fish and fisheries in Australia. Pacific Conservation Biology .

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Article Link(s): https://doi.org/10.1071/PC21073

Publisher URL: https://www.publish.csiro.au/paper/PC21073


Context: In Australia, the health of our marine, estuarine and freshwater fishes are of critical importance. The aquatic and marine ecosystems, and the fishes that occupy them each have an important role in our country’s ecological, economic, cultural and social wealth. Climate change, resource over-exploitation, invasive animals and diseases, and habitat degradation are just a few of the burgeoning threats that researchers and managers must address to ensure the prosperity of Australia’s natural fisheries resources. In addition, differences in legislative frameworks among jurisdictions hinder our ability to coherently manage fish resources at scales that are relevant biologically, ecologically and socially.Aims: Here, we identify the key research priorities for fish and fisheries research in Australia, across seven thematic fields of study.Methods: Research priorities were evaluated using a horizon scanning approach, which identified research questions related to the field of fish and fisheries research in Australia.Key results: A total of 284 questions unique research questions were categorised and prioritised, resulting in the formation of the top 10 highest priority research questions across each of the seven themes.Conclusions: The outcomes from this work can be used to directly complement ongoing work from research providers working in the field of fish and fisheries as well as the development of new areas of research.Implications: The priorities identified will enable researchers and policy makers to identify critical knowledge gaps, develop collaborative research programs, investigate novel approaches, and to improve transparency around decision-making processes.

Item Type:Article
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Keywords:Keywords: assessment, biodiversity, biosecurity, climate, emerging technologies, environment, monitoring, resource management.
Subjects:Aquaculture and Fisheries
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Aquaculture and Fisheries > Fisheries > Fishery management. Fishery policy
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