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From bits to bites: advancement of the germinate platform to support genetic resources collections and pre-breeding informatics for crop wild relatives

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Raubach, S., Kilian, B., Dreher, K., Amri, A., Bassi, F. M., Boukar, O., Cook, D., Cruickshank, A., Fatokun, C., El Haddad, N., Humphries, A., Jordan, D., Kehel, Z., Kumar, S., Labarosa, S. J., Nguyen, L. H., Mace, E., McCouch, S., McNally, K., Marshall, D. F., Mikwa, E. O., Milne, I., Odeny, D. A., Plazas, M., Prohens, J., Rieseberg, L. H., Schafleitner, R., Sharma, S., Stephen, G., Tin, H. Q., Togola, A., Warchefsky, E., Werner, P., Partners, A. o. C. P.-B. and Shaw, P. D. (2021) From bits to bites: advancement of the germinate platform to support genetic resources collections and pre-breeding informatics for crop wild relatives. Crop Science, 61 (3), Special. pp. 1538-1566. ISSN 0011-183X


Article Link: https://doi.org/10.1002/csc2.20248

Publisher URL: https://acsess.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1002/csc2.20248


The efficient management and distribution of experimental data from pre-breeding projects is important to ensure uptake of valuable germplasm into breeding and research programmes. Being able to access and share this data in standard formats is essential in this process. The adoption of a common informatics platform for crops which may have limited resources brings economies of scale allowing common informatics components to be rolled out across multiple species. The close integration of such a platform with commonly used breeding software, visualization and analysis tools reduces the barrier for entry to researchers working on these data and provides a common framework to facilitate collaborations and data sharing. This work presents significant updates to the Germinate platform and highlights its value in distributing pre-breeding data for 14 crops as part of the project “Adapting Agriculture to Climate Change: Collecting, Protecting and Preparing Crop Wild Relatives” (hereafter Crop Trust Crop Wild Relatives project) led by the Crop Trust (https://www.cwrdiversity.org). The addition of data on new crop species compliments data that are already publicly available on the platform. We present a suite of updated Germinate features using examples from these crop species and their wild relatives. The use of Germinate within the Crop Wild Relatives project demonstrates the usefulness of the system and the benefits that a shared informatics platform provides.These data resources provide a foundation on which breeding and research communities can develop additional online resources for their crops, harnessing new data as it becomes available, and benefiting collectively from future developments of the Germinate platform. Through this process Germinate will facilitate the utilization of plant genetic resources, including crop wild relatives. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved

Item Type:Article
Business groups:Crop and Food Science
Subjects:Science > Botany > Genetics
Agriculture > Agriculture (General) > Methods and systems of culture. Cropping systems
Plant culture > Seeds. Seed technology
Plant culture > Propagation
Plant culture > Field crops
Live Archive:25 Aug 2020 00:00
Last Modified:03 Sep 2021 16:46

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