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Homologues of the maize rust resistance gene Rp1-D are genetically associated with a major rust resistance QTL in sorghum

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McIntyre, C.L., Hermann, S.M., Casu, R.E., Knight, D., Drenth, J., Tao, Y., Brumbley, S.M., Godwin, I.D., Williams, S., Smith, G.R. and Manners, J.M. (2004) Homologues of the maize rust resistance gene Rp1-D are genetically associated with a major rust resistance QTL in sorghum. TAG. Theoretical and Applied Genetics, 109 (4). pp. 975-883.

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Article Link: http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s00122-004-1702-0

Publisher URL: http://www.springerlink.com


As part of a comparative mapping study between sugarcane and sorghum, a sugarcane cDNA clone with homology to the maize Rp1-D rust resistance gene was mapped in sorghum. The cDNA probe hybridised to multiple loci, including one on sorghum linkage group (LG) E in a region where a major rust resistance QTL had been previously mapped. Partial sorghum Rp1-D homologues were isolated from genomic DNA of rust-resistant and -susceptible progeny selected from a sorghum mapping population.

Sequencing of the Rp1-D homologues revealed five discrete sequence classes: three from resistant progeny and two from susceptible progeny. PCR primers specific to each sequence class were used to amplify products from the progeny and confirmed that the five sequence classes mapped to the same locus on LG E. Cluster analysis of these sorghum sequences and available sugarcane, maize and sorghum Rp1-D homologue sequences showed that the maize Rp1-D sequence and the partial sugarcane Rp1-D homologue were clustered with one of the sorghum resistant progeny sequence classes, while previously published sorghum Rp1-D homologue sequences clustered with the susceptible progeny sequence classes. Full-length sequence information was obtained for one member of a resistant progeny sequence class ( Rp1-SO) and compared with the maize Rp1-D sequence and a previously identified sorghum Rp1 homologue ( Rph1-2). There was considerable similarity between the two sorghum sequences and less similarity between the sorghum and maize sequences. These results suggest a conservation of function and gene sequence homology at the Rp1 loci of maize and sorghum and provide a basis for convenient PCR-based screening tools for putative rust resistance alleles in sorghum.

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Keywords:Maize; corn; sorghum; quantitative trait loci (QTL); rust resistance.
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