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Taxonomy of the order Mononegavirales: update 2016

Afonso, Claudio L. and Amarasinghe, Gaya K. and Bányai, Krisztián and Bào, Yīmíng and Basler, Christopher F. and Bavari, Sina and Bejerman, Nicolás and Blasdell, Kim R. and Briand, François-Xavier and Briese, Thomas and Bukreyev, Alexander and Calisher, Charles H. and Chandran, Kartik and Chéng, Jiāsēn and Clawson, Anna N. and Collins, Peter L. and Dietzgen, Ralf G. and Dolnik, Olga and Domier, Leslie L. and Dürrwald, Ralf and Dye, John M. and Easton, Andrew J. and Ebihara, Hideki and Farkas, Szilvia L. and Freitas-Astúa, Juliana and Formenty, Pierre and Fouchier, Ron A. M. and Fù, Yànpíng and Ghedin, Elodie and Goodin, Michael M. and Hewson, Roger and Horie, Masayuki and Hyndman, Timothy H. and Jiāng, Dàohóng and Kitajima, Elliot W. and Kobinger, Gary P. and Kondo, Hideki and Kurath, Gael and Lamb, Robert A. and Lenardon, Sergio and Leroy, Eric M. and Li, Ci-Xiu and Lin, Xian-Dan and Liú, Lìjiāng and Longdon, Ben and Marton, Szilvia and Maisner, Andrea and Mühlberger, Elke and Netesov, Sergey V. and Nowotny, Norbert and Patterson, Jean L. and Payne, Susan L. and Paweska, Janusz T. and Randall, Rick E. and Rima, Bertus K. and Rota, Paul and Rubbenstroth, Dennis and Schwemmle, Martin and Shi, Mang and Smither, Sophie J. and Stenglein, Mark D. and Stone, David M. and Takada, Ayato and Terregino, Calogero and Tesh, Robert B. and Tian, Jun-Hua and Tomonaga, Keizo and Tordo, Noël and Towner, Jonathan S. and Vasilakis, Nikos and Verbeek, Martin and Volchkov, Viktor E. and Wahl-Jensen, Victoria and Walsh, John A. and Walker, Peter J. and Wang, David and Wang, Lin-Fa and Wetzel, Thierry and Whitfield, Anna E. and Xiè, Jiǎtāo and Yuen, Kwok-Yung and Zhang, Yong-Zhen and Kuhn, Jens H. (2016) Taxonomy of the order Mononegavirales: update 2016. Archives of Virology . ISSN 0304-8608

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Article Link(s): http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s00705-016-2880-1


In 2016, the order Mononegavirales was emended through the addition of two new families (Mymonaviridae and Sunviridae), the elevation of the paramyxoviral subfamily Pneumovirinae to family status (Pneumoviridae), the addition of five free-floating genera (Anphevirus, Arlivirus, Chengtivirus, Crustavirus, and Wastrivirus), and several other changes at the genus and species levels. This article presents the updated taxonomy of the order Mononegavirales as now accepted by the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV).

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