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New synonymies for Australian Cleridae (Coleoptera)

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Bartlett, J. S. (2015) New synonymies for Australian Cleridae (Coleoptera). Zootaxa, 4057 (2). pp. 281-287. ISSN 1175-5326

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Article Link(s): http://dx.doi.org/10.11646/zootaxa.4057.2.9


The following synonymies are proposed based on examination of primary types (lectotypes are designated for all taxa except those marked with a '*'): Lemidia spinnipennis Lea, 1907 syn. n. and Lemidia bicolor Schenkling, 1906 syn. n. = Lemidia biaculeata (Westwood); Lemidia mastersi Lea, 1907 syn. n. = Lemidia circumcincta Schenkling, 1906; Lemidia albonotata Pic, 1941 syn. n. = Lemidia laticeps Lea, 1907; Lemidia australiae Lea, 1907 syn. n. = Lemidia maculata Schenkling, 1902; Lemidia bilineatra Lea, 1907 syn. n. = Lemidia maculicollis Gorham, 1877; Lemidia decolor Pic, 1941 syn. n. = Lemidia munda Blackburn, 1892; *Phlogistus conspiciendus Elston, 1926 syn. n. = Mimolesterus ventralis (Westwood); Thanasimus cursorius Westwood, 1853 syn. n. and Stigmatium dispar Kuwert, 1894 syn. n. = Stigmatium acerbum (Newman); Stigmatium fasciatoventre Chevrolat, 1874 syn. n., Stigmatium flavescens Chevrolat, 1874 syn. n. and *Xestonotus eximius Kuwert, 1894 syn. n. = Stigmatium laevium Macleay, 1872; Stigmatium versipelle Gorham, 1876 syn. n. and Xestonotus (Cyclotomocerus) australicus Kuwert, 1894 syn. n. = Stigmatium varipes Chevrolat, 1876; Tarsostenus pulcher Macleay, 1872 syn. n. = *Tarsostenus carus (Newman, 1840). The available name Tarsosternus pulcher Macleay, 1872 is deemed a lapsus calami and emended to Tarsostenus pulcher Macleay, 1872.

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Additional Information:Bartlett, Justin S. Queensland Museum [TTC210-04] I thank the following curators and collection managers for access to collections in their care: Dave Britton (AM); Cate Lemann (ANIC); Max Barclay and Beulah Garner (BMNH); Antoine Mantilleri (MNHN); Manfred Uhlig (MNHUB); Peter Lilywhite (NMV); Darren Mann (OUM); Peter Hudson (SAMA); Stephan Schmidt (SDEI). Funds for trips to ANIC, BMNH, MNHN and SDEI in 2011 were provided by Christine Lambkin (Queensland Museum) via her Bush Blitz Tactical Taxonomy Contract TTC210-04. 0 MAGNOLIA PRESS AUCKLAND ZOOTAXA
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