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Growth of Queensland Jatropha gossypifolia biotypes under varying water regimes

Taylor, D. and Dhileepan, K. (2014) Growth of Queensland Jatropha gossypifolia biotypes under varying water regimes. In: 19th Australasian Weeds Conference, September 2014, Tasmanian Weed Society, Hobart, Tasmania.

PDF (Growth of Queensland Jatropha gossypifolia biotypes under varying water regimes)

Article Link: http://www.caws.org.au/awc/2014/awc201413331.pdf


Bellyache bush (Jatropha gossypifolia L. (Euphorbiaceae)) is a serious weed of dry tropical regions of northern Australia, with the potential to spread over much of the tropical savannah. It is well adapted to the harsh conditions of the dry tropics, defoliating during the dry season and rapidly producing new leaves with the onset of the wet season. In this study we examined the growth and biomass allocation of the three Queensland biotypes Queensland Green, Queensland Bronze and Queensland Purple) under three water regimes (water-stressed, weekly watering and constant water). Bellyache bush plants have a high capacity to adjust to water stress. The impact of water
stress was consistent across the three biotypes. Water stressed plants produced significantly less biomass compared to plants with constant water, increased their biomass allocation to the roots and increased biomass allocation to leaf material. Queensland Purple plants allocated more resources to roots and less to shoots than Queensland Green (Queensland Bronze being intermediate). Queensland Green produced less root biomass than the other two biotypes.

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Keywords:Bellyache bush, water stress, biomass allocation.
Subjects:Plant pests and diseases
Plant pests and diseases > Weeds, parasitic plants etc
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