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Bordetella hinzii sp. nov., isolated from poultry and humans

Vandamme, P., Hommez, J., Vancanneyt, M., Monsieurs, M., Hoste, B., Cookson, B., Wirsing von König, C.H., Kersters, K. and Blackall, P.J. (1995) Bordetella hinzii sp. nov., isolated from poultry and humans. International Journal of Systematic Bacteriology, 45 (1). pp. 37-45.


Publisher URL: http://www.sgmjournals.org/


A polyphasic taxonomic study that included DNA-rRNA hybridizations, DNA-DNA hybridizations, DNA base ratio measurements, whole-cell protein and fatty acid analyses, and an examination of classical phenotypic characteristics was used to classify human and veterinary isolates that resemble Bordetella avium.
12 poultry isolates and 2 human isolates were assigned to a new species, for which the name Bordetella hinzii is proposed. The position of this organism in the family Alcaligenaceae and various genotypic, phenotypic and chemotaxonomic characteristics are described.

Item Type:Article
Additional Information:Reproduced with permission from the Society of General Microbiology. Access to published version may be available via Publisher’s website.
Keywords:Hybridization; DNA; RNA; Proteins; Fatty acids; Taxonomy; Bacterial diseases; Poultry; Fowls; Birds; Man; Homo; Bordetella hinzii.
Subjects:Veterinary medicine > Diseases of special classes of animals
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