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Mile-a-minute (Mikania micrantha): its distribution, growth and physical and socio-economic impacts in Papua New Guinea

Kurika, K., Kawi, A., Dewhurst, C., Waisale, S., Maora, J.S., Fidelis, J., Bokosou, J., Moxon, J., Orapa, W. and Day, M.D. (2010) Mile-a-minute (Mikania micrantha): its distribution, growth and physical and socio-economic impacts in Papua New Guinea. Papua New Guinea Journal of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, 53 (1-2). pp. 15-18.

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Mikania micrantha, Kunth. H.B.K (Asteraceae) or mile-a-minute is a weed of Neotropical origin in 17 Pacific Island countries. It is becoming increasingly regarded as an invasive weed in Papua New Guinea and is now the focus of an Australian Government-funded biological control program. As part of the program, growth rates, distribution and physical and socia-economic impacts were studied to obtain baseline data and to assist with the field release of biological control agents. Through public awareness campaigns and dedicated surveys, mikania has been reported in most lowland provinces. It is particularly widespread in East New Britain and West New Britain Province. In field trials, mikania grew more than 1 metre per month in open sunny areas but slightly slower when growing under cocoa. The weed invades a wide range of land types, impacting on plantations and food gardens, smothering pawpaw, young cocoa, banana, taro, young oil palms and ornamental plants. In socia-economic surveys, mikania was found to have severe impacts on crop production and income generated through reduced yields and high weeding costs. These studies suggest that there would be substantial benefits to the community if biological control of mikania is successful.

Item Type:Article
Corporate Creators:Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation (DEEDI), Biosecurity Queensland, National Agriculture Research Institute, Papua New Guinea, PNG Oil Palm Research Association, PNG Cocoa Coconut Research Institute, Secretariat of the Pacific Community
Business groups:Biosecurity Queensland
Keywords:Mikania micrantha; growth rate; distribution; impacts.
Subjects:Science > Invasive Species > Plants
Plant pests and diseases > Weeds, parasitic plants etc
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