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AV08000 Avocado rootstocks improvement

Hofman, Peter. AV08000 Avocado rootstocks improvement. Lead Agency: Sunshine Horticultural Services.

Project Start: 1 July 2008

Project End:30 June 2012


The avocado industry has supported the development and evaluation of new rootstocks for Hass and Shepard avocado. Field sites containing various rootstock/scion combinations have been established around Australia. This project will evaluate tree, fruit yield and and postharvest fruit quality attributes from these field sites.

Item Type:Research in Progress
Research Location:Nambour, Queensland.
DAF Project ID:4639
Subjects:Plant culture > Fruit and fruit culture
Contact Email:rip@deedi.qld.gov.au
Deposited On:14 Nov 2011 04:16
Last Modified:14 Nov 2011 04:16

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