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An immunopathologic study of the bovine prepuce

Flower, P.J., Ladds, P.W., Thomas, A.D. and Watson, D.L. (1983) An immunopathologic study of the bovine prepuce. Veterinary Pathology, 20 (2). pp. 189-202.


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The prepuces of 83 slaughtered bulls with macroscopically normal reproductive tracts were examined. Some bulls had been vaccinated on several occasions against Campylobacter fetus. Mean concentrations of intrapreputial immunoglobulins (Ig) in 27 bulls were IgG1--1.8 plus or minus 5.2; IgA--0.16 plus or minus 0.15; and IgM--0.24 plus or minus 0.24 mg/ml. High concentrations of IgG2 in some bulls precluded precise estimation but mean concentration was in excess of 11.0 mg/ml (range 0 to 20+ mg/ml). Mean prevalences of class specific, immunoperoxidase-labelled plasma cells in the preputial dermis of 35 bulls were IgG--39.0 plus or minus 9.3; IgA--16.6 plus or minus 6.6; and IgM--2.2 plus or minus 1.8 labelled cells/100 nuclei. The prevalence of IgG labelled cells in the preputial dermis was, however, negatively correlated with the concentration of intrapreputial IgG (IgG1 + IgG2). Except for an apparently lower intrapreputial Ig concentration in 14 Trichomonas foetus-infected bulls than in negative ones, there were no correlations between intrapreputial immunoglobulin concentration, histological findings, and age, infection, or vaccination status of the bulls.

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Additional Information:Reproduced with permission of The American College of Veterinary Pathologists
Keywords:Protozoal infections; Immunoglobulins; bull prepuce; bacterial diseases; cattle; Campylobacter fetus; Tritrichomonas foetus.
Subjects:Veterinary medicine > Veterinary pathology
Veterinary medicine > Diseases of special classes of animals > Cattle
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