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Proceedings of the tropical fruits in human nutrition and health conference 2008

Stanley, R., Dietzgen, R. and Gidley, M. (2009) Proceedings of the tropical fruits in human nutrition and health conference 2008. State of Queensland, Brisbane, Queensland, 224 pages.

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Organisation URL: http://www.tropicalfruits2008.org


Foreword v
Tropical fruits in human nutrition and health conference 2008—an overview 1
Tropical fruit as excellent resources for nutrigenomics 3
Ervin Balázs
Tropical fruits, nutrition and population health 7
Biofortification of bananas 9
H. Khanna, D. Becker, E. Whitelaw, M. Harrison, M. Bateson, R. Harding and J.L. Dale
HarvestPlus agenda in relation to tropical fruits 19
J. Stangoulis, W. Pfeiffer, B. McClafferty, J.V. Meenakshi, C. Hotz and H. Bouis
Fruit intake for healthy body size in the Pacific region 23
Rachel Novotny and Caryn E.S. Oshiro
Cultivar selection can have significant implications for our health 30
Wendy Foley, Lois Englberger, Geoffrey C. Marks, Adelino Lorens and Graham Lyons
Health effects of fruit 38
Peter Clifton
Nutritional bioactives and functional foods 45
Mango processing with particular consideration of carotene retention and pectin recovery 47
Sybille Neidhart and Reinhold Carle
Healthful and nutritional components in select Florida tropical fruits 60
Elizabeth Baldwin, John A. Manthey, Gary Luzio, Kevin Goodner, Anne Plotto,
Kanjana Mahattanatawee and Fred Gmitter
By-products from mango (Mangifera indica L.) processing as a source
of functional compounds 67
Andreas Schieber and Reinhold Carle
Bioavailability and sensory evaluation 75
Prevention of obesity and type 2 diabetes associated with metabolic syndrome
using some plant-based food factors 77
Takanori Tsuda
Fruit phytochemicals: the relationship between molecular structure,
bioavailability and human health 88
Tony K. McGhie and Daniel J. Comeskey
Methods to determine the bioavailability of phytochemicals 98
M. Netzel, G. Netzel, R. Addepalli, R. Seymour and L. Day
Consumer motivation for purchase and consumption of fruit products 111
Sara R. Jaeger
Tropical flavours to tempt consumers 126
H. Smyth, S. Kirchhoff, S. Fuller, K. Abberton, C. Davis, I. Bally, R.G. Dietzgen
Proceedings of the tropical fruits in human nutrition and health conference 2008
Fruit marketing and health 133
Influence of treatments on retaining nutritional compounds in fresh-cut fruit 134
E. Aguayo and A.C. Silveira
Challenges in the supply chain to improve the sales of tropical fruits
for their health benefits 146
Sarah Pennell
Biodiscovery technologies 153
The genomics of fruit quality 154
Andy C. Allan, William Laing, Richard V. Espley, Mirco Montefiori, Charles Dwamena,
Rebecca Henry, Kui Lin-Wang, Andrew P. Dare and Roger P. Hellens
Exploiting banana biodiversity to reduce vitamin A deficiency-related illness:
a fast and cost-effective strategy 159
M.W. Davey, H. Garming, B. Ekesa, N. Roux and I. Van den Bergh
Genomics, super-domestication and crops 172
J.S. (Pat) Heslop-Harrison
Papaya genomics 177
Ray Ming
Discovery of bioactives in tropical fruits 189
G.R. Monteith, A.S. Wilkinson, B.M. Flanagan, R.G. Dietzgen, P.N. Shaw,
M.J. Gidley and S.J. Roberts-Thomson
Poster presentations 195
Papaya (Carica papaya) as a source of glucotropaeolin and its active derivative,
benzyl-isothiocyanate 197
Tim J. O’Hare, Lung S. Wong, David J. Williams and Sharon Pun
The health benefits of tropical fruit grown in Queensland, Australia 202
K. Fanning, D. Murray, R. Stanley and M. Netzel

Item Type:Book
Additional Information:Held at Couran Cove Island Resort, Gold Coast, Australia. 08 - 11 November 2008.
Keywords:Tropical fruits; nutrition; population health; nutritional bioactives; functional foods; bioavailability; sensory evaluation; fruit marketing; health; biodiscovery technologies.
Subjects:Science > Science (General)
Plant culture > Fruit and fruit culture
Science > Biology
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