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Australian trypetinae (Diptera: Tephritidae)

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Permkam, S. and Hancock, D.L. (1995) Australian trypetinae (Diptera: Tephritidae). Invertebrate Systematics, 9 (6). pp. 1047-1209. ISSN 1445-5226


Article Link: https://doi.org/10.1071/IT9951047


The Australian species of Trypetinae are revised, with 77 species (31 new) placed in 35 genera (9 new) and 6 tribes. New taxa and taxonomic changes are proposed as follows.
New genera: Acanthonevroides, Aridonevra, Austronevra, Austrorioxa, Lumirioxa, Micronevrina, Taeniorioxa, Epinettyra, Hemiristina.

New species: Acanthonevroides mayi, A, variegatus, Austronevra bimaculata, Aridonevra cunnamullae, Clusiosoma macalpinei, Copiolepis colpopteris, Micronevrina apicalis, M. breviseta, M. gloriosa, M. hyalina, M. mediivitta, M. montana, M. setosa, Taeniorioxa quinaria, Termitorioxa exleyae, T. inconnexa, T. laurae, Elleipsa distincta, Euphranta athertonia, E. leichhardtiae, E. marina, E. meringue, E. mulgravea, E. numeralis, E. ternaria, Hardyadrama alyta, Diplochorda australis, Ornithoschema queenslandense, Epinettyra setosa, Hemiristina pleomeles, Vidalia dualis.

New synonyms: Kertesziola Hering (of Termitorioxa Hendel), Staurocneros Hering (of Coelotrypes Bezzi), Dirioxa confusa Hardy [of D. pornia (Walker)], Neothemara trigonifera Hering [of N. formosipennis (Walker)], Adrama spinata Enderlein and A. centralis Malloch (of A. selecta Walker), Staurocneros imitator Hardy [of Coelotrypes circumscriptus (Hering)].

New combinations: Acanthonevroides bicolor (Macquart), A. jarvisi (Tryon), A. nigriventris (Malloch), Austronevra australina (Hendel), Austrorioxa acidiomorpha (Hendel), Lumirioxa araucariae (Tryon), Termitorioxa bicalcarata (Hering), T. testacea (Hendel), Coelotrypes circurnscriptus (Hering), Hardyadrama magister (Lee), H. presignis (Hardy), Philophylla australina (Hardy).

Removed from synonymy: Acanthonevroides nigriventris (Malloch) [with A. jarvisi (Tryon)], Clusiosoma semifuscum Malloch [with C. minutum (de Meijere)].

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