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Demographic characteristics of exploited tropical lutjanids: A comparative analysis

Heupel, M. R., Williams, A. J., Welch, D. J., Davies, C. R., Penny, A., Kritzer, J. P., Marriott, R. J. and Mapstone, B. D. (2010) Demographic characteristics of exploited tropical lutjanids: A comparative analysis. Fishery Bulletin, 108 (4). pp. 420-432. ISSN 0090-0656


Article Link: http://hdl.handle.net/1834/25387

Publisher URL: https://fisherybulletin.nmfs.noaa.gov/fishery-bulletin-journal/1084


Demographic parameters from seven exploited coral reef lutjanid species were compared as a case study of the implications of intrafamily variation in life histories formultispecies harvest management. Modal lengths varied by 4 cm among four species (Lutjanus fulviflamma, L. vitta, L. carponotatus, L. adetii), which were at least 6 cm smaller than the modal lengths of the largest species (L. gibbus, Symphorus nematophorus, Aprion virescens). Modal ages, indicating ages of full selection to fishing gear, were 10 years or less for all species, but maximum ages ranged from12 (L. gibbus) to 36 years (S. nematophorus). Each species had a unique growth pattern, with differences in length-at-age and mean asymptotic fork length (L∞), but smaller species generally grew fast during the first 1–2 years of life and larger species grew more slowly over a longer period. Total mortality rates varied among species; L. gibbus had the highest mortality and L. fulviflamma, thelowest mortality. The variability in life history strategies of these tropical lutjanids makes generalizations about lutjanid life histories difficult, but the fact that all seven had characteristics that would make them particularly vulnerable to fishing indicates thatharvest of tropical lutjanids should be managed with caution.

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