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Soil and bunch applications of insecticides for control of the banana rust thrips.

Pinese, B. (1987) Soil and bunch applications of insecticides for control of the banana rust thrips. Queensland Journal of Agricultural and Animal Sciences, 44 (2). pp. 107-111.



One application of 4.0 g chlorpyrifos, 1.0 g pirimiphos-ethyl and 3.0 g prothiofos in sprays to the base of the plant and suckers (to a height of 300 m) and the surrounding 300 mm of soil, and 1 application of 6.0 g ethoprophos (in granules) to the soil (over an area of radius 750 mm) surrounding the butt of banana plants in Queensland, each reduced the incidence of <i>Chaetanaphothrips signipennis </i>and subsequent damage. Dieldrin as a treatment to the butt and surrounding soil was not effective. Four applications of diazinon as sprays of an emulsifiable concentrate containing 800 g/litre also reduced thrips numbers and fruit damage.

Item Type:Article
Corporate Creators:Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, Queensland
Keywords:bananas; control; insecticides; Chlorpyrifos; Pirimiphos-ethyl; Prothiofos; Ethoprophos; Dieldrin; Diazinon; pests; fruits; fruit crops; chemical control; pest control; agricultural entomology; tropical fruits; Thysanoptera; arthropods; Musa; Queensland; Australia; Chaetanaphothrips signipennis; Chaetanaphothrips; pesticides; organothiophosphate insecticides; organophosphorus insecticides; insecticides; organothiophosphate nematicides; organophosphorus nematicides; nematicides; cyclodiene insecticides; organochlorine insecticides; organochlorine pesticides; animals; insects; arthropods; invertebrates; Musaceae; Zingiberales; monocotyledons; angiosperms; Spermatophyta; plants; Australia; Australasia; Oceania; Thripidae; Thysanoptera;
Subjects:Plant culture > Fruit and fruit culture > Culture of individual fruits or types of fruit > Bananas
Plant pests and diseases > Individual or types of plants or trees > Bananas
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