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Poisonous Pimeleas on inland farming lands of Queensland and New South Wales

Silcock, R. G. and Mann, M. B. (2009) Poisonous Pimeleas on inland farming lands of Queensland and New South Wales. Tropical Grasslands, 43 . pp. 249-252. ISSN 0049-4763


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Poisonous Pimelea species are ephemeral in their occurrence and prefer moisture run-on areas and disturbed soil. They are most prominent in spring after sporadic winter rains on bare pastures, because stock avoid eating them and there is usually little green grass to conceal them. Since 4 different species may be toxic and they grow on different soils, farmers and cattlemen need to be able to identify which ones they have. Pimelea elongata has comparatively high concentrations of simplexin but is reported least as causing pimelea poisoning and thus poses a lower risk. Expanded areas of fallowed ground, buffel grass pastures and blade ploughing have encouraged thickening and spread of these native species during the past 30 years. These plants present problems in New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia for all agricultural enterprises, not solely livestock-only businesses.

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