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Lobster aquaculture development in Indonesia, Vietnam and Australia

Jones, Clive. Lobster aquaculture development in Indonesia, Vietnam and Australia. Lead Agency: Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation (DEEDI).

Project Start: 1 September 2009

Project End:28 February 2013


This project will support the sustainable development of lobster farming in Indonesia to meet global demand for tropical lobsters at high prices (>$US60 /kg). It will also address sustainability issues for the lobster farming industry in Vietnam and provide verification of lobster growout at commercial scale in Australia. The project will adapt technologies developed in Vietnam and apply them in Indonesia to establish a village-based industry for impoverished coastal communities. The Australian component will assess land-based growout systems to prepare for the likely availability of hatchery-reared lobster seed. Hatchery technology is currently being commercialised in Queensland through a partnership between DEEDI and Lobster Harvest Pty Ltd.

Item Type:Research in Progress
Research Location:Queensland.
DAF Project ID:4704
Subjects:Aquaculture and Fisheries > Aquaculture > Shellfish culture
Contact Email:rip@deedi.qld.gov.au
Deposited On:17 Nov 2011 01:43
Last Modified:17 Nov 2011 01:43

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