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Methanotrophs from natural ecosystems for ruminant methane mitigation

Ouwerkerk, Diane. Methanotrophs from natural ecosystems for ruminant methane mitigation. Lead Agency: University of Queensland.

Project Start: 1 July 2009

Project End:1 December 2012


Enteric fermentation of methane by ruminant animals represents a major source of anthropogenic methane production. Methane produced in this manner is released to the atmosphere where it is highly efficient at absorbing
thermal radiation, which consequently increases the global surface temperature. Although many different strategies to control ruminant methane emissions have been considered, few are currently considered viable. Obligate and acultative methane oxidising bacteria (MOB) and anaerobic methane oxidising archaea (ANME) play a fundamental role in the carbon cycle by metabolising methane before it is released into the atmosphere. Because of this, methanotrophic microorganisms represent a novel biological control agent in mitigating ruminant methane emissions.

This project aims to characterise methanotrophic microorganisms from a range of environments, and to subsequently determine the metabolic activity of these microorganisms under in vitro rumen-like conditions.

Item Type:Research in Progress
Research Location:Queensland.
DAF Project ID:4841
Subjects:Animal culture
Agriculture > Agriculture (General) > Agriculture and the environment
Contact Email:rip@deedi.qld.gov.au
Deposited On:27 Feb 2012 04:53
Last Modified:27 Feb 2012 04:53

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