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Cost effective formulation of vegetable-protein based diets

Singh, Danny. Cost effective formulation of vegetable-protein based diets. Lead Agency: Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation (DEEDI).

Project Start: 30 July 2009

Project End:30 December 2009


The project will provide information on the use of phytase in sorghum based diets so that producers and nutrionists will have confidence in vegetable protein based diets.

Item Type:Research in Progress
Research Location:Queensland.
DAF Project ID:5002
Subjects:Plant culture > Field crops > Sorghum
Animal culture > Feeds and feeding. Animal nutrition
Contact Email:rip@deedi.qld.gov.au
Deposited On:10 Nov 2011 02:22
Last Modified:10 Nov 2011 02:22

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